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At Trivariate Research we combine fundamental, quantitative, and macro analysis to produce actionable research, practical investment advice and analytically rigorous risk management for our clients.

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Level Set – What Do You Need to Believe to Be Bullish on US Equities?

When we hosted our second half 2024 outlook last Tuesday (replay here, passcode: q66CnS.h), we intentionally left out the details about earnings and multiples. We wanted to discuss where to save time, where to spend time, and our best ideas for outperformance. We did receive some follow-up questions about the consensus projections for earnings and

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Three Most Clicked on Charts from Our 2H Outlook

Since March of 2023 we have been tracking many AI-related references on transcripts – mentions of AI have collapsed but mentions of GPUS have stayed more constant.   This has caused us to create a “GPU” basket, tweaking our “AI” basket where exposure could be more dubious.   The margins of growth stocks that are mentioning AI

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VIDEO – 2H 2024 US Equity Outlook

We published our 2H 2024 US Equity earlier this week and hosted a webcast to discuss our work. Please click here to read our note and here (Passcode: q66CnS.h) to watch the webcast replay.

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2H 2024 US Equity Outlook

Today we are publishing our 2H 2024 US Equity Outlook and hosting a webcast at 11am EDT to discuss our work. Click here to register for the webcast.

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Level Set – Ten Things We Have Learned About US Equity Investing

The volatility of the price-to-forward earnings is higher than the volatility of the earnings. Multiples can expand or contract a lot in one year. Earnings expectations can change too, but typically move far less. There is no such thing as a flat price-to-forward earnings line. The price-to-forward earnings multiple for the market moves when the

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Trivariate’s Top 5 Videos

Below are our Top 5 most viewed recent videos. If you have any questions on these or other topics related to the current environment for investors, please let us know. #1. Trivariate’s Advice for Outperforming June 30, 2024 Click here to read Trivariate’s advice for outperforming. #2. Don’t Waste Time On These 3 Things May

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We help them do this by impacting their conviction on single stocks and improving their risk management by analyzing Fundamental, Quantitative, and Macro variables to create practical investment advice.

In a addition to our research, clients can request custom work to bolster their own investment decisions, augment letters, and marketing materials, or use our unique and proprietary quantitative engine to improve their risk management.


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