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At Trivariate Research we combine fundamental, quantitative, and macro analysis to produce actionable research, practical investment advice and analytically rigorous risk management for our clients.

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Which Companies are Good and Bad at Buying Their Own Stock?

We believe that one of the most important roles of the senior management team of a company is to be good stewards of capital.  As such, we regularly analyze management decision making related to capital uses and the market’s reward or punishment for those actions. Today, we decided to evaluate the efficacy of corporate buybacks from two…

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VIDEO – Artificial Intelligence: BID

Trivariate’s recent research on AI: Level Set – Changing Our Views: Three New Types of Stocks and Perverse Valuation? (Link) Growth: A.I. Risk Factor, Fed, And FAANGM (Link) Level Set – What “BID” AI Means For Valuation, And Taking Risk (Link)

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Level Set – What “BID” AI Means for Valuation, and Taking Risk

We continue to contemplate the possibility that all US equities might end up in one of three buckets based on the potential impact of AI – Beneficiaries, those that are Impregnable to AI, those that get Destroyed. We are using the acronym “BID” to reference these three buckets. Our suspicion is that companies that are…

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Where Should A CIO Hunt For Alpha?

The world is clearly changing – with artificial intelligence, language processing, data ingestion and management, among other trends – rendering certain investment processes mute.  The traditional business models of the optimal ways to do “bottom-up” fundamental stock picking are evolving rapidly.  In today’s note, we put forth some frameworks to help CIOs identify fertile areas…

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We help them do this by impacting their conviction on single stocks and improving their risk management by analyzing Fundamental, Quantitative, and Macro variables to create practical investment advice.

In a addition to our research, clients can request custom work to bolster their own investment decisions, augment letters, and marketing materials, or use our unique and proprietary quantitative engine to improve their risk management.


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