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At Trivariate Research we combine fundamental, quantitative, and macro analysis to produce actionable research, practical investment advice and analytically rigorous risk management for our clients.

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Level Set – The Bull Case Narrative Revisited

We have been arguing for several months and still believe that there are three primary reasons the market is likely to continue to rally. An Accommodative Fed Gross Margin Expansion Earnings Growth for Several Years The first reason we are maintaining our bullish stance is our expectation that the Fed will eventually be accommodative, and

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VIDEO – What Really Happened in Q1

At the start of each quarter, we provide a detailed summary of the just completed quarter with the goal of helping investors make better investment decisions, in addition to providing insights that will facilitate investor communications, client conversations, and quarterly letters. Furthermore, our quarterly report seeks to identify emerging risk management concerns and give investment

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We help them do this by impacting their conviction on single stocks and improving their risk management by analyzing Fundamental, Quantitative, and Macro variables to create practical investment advice.

In a addition to our research, clients can request custom work to bolster their own investment decisions, augment letters, and marketing materials, or use our unique and proprietary quantitative engine to improve their risk management.


An outline of our subscription tiers

Tier One

  • Bespoke services including customized projects, outsourced risk management & portfolio diagnostics
  • One on one meetings with Trivariate Team
  • Access to all written research
  • Access to Trivariate Research model outputs
  • Access to investor, corporate & quantitative themed
    events (subject to availability)
  • Access to conference calls, webcasts, videos & podcasts
  • Access to research library

Tier Two

  • Access to all written research
  • Access to research library
  • Access to conference calls, webcasts, videos & podcasts
  • Limited access to the firm’s strategist, research analysts & sales team

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