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At Trivariate Research we combine fundamental, quantitative, and macro analysis to produce actionable research, practical investment advice and analytically rigorous risk management for our clients.

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Does The Fed Matter for Tech Stocks Now?

We spent the previous 25 years focused largely on US equities, and were aware that our colleagues often had pretty rapidly changing perceptions about interest rates.  Subsequent to the all-time low interest rate in the history of the United States, post-COVID, dynamics changed.  What ensued was a massive negative correlation between the perception about interest rates

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Banks Are Replicable

We think any time an investor buys a stock, they should know whether the stock trades like many other stocks, or relatively few. This concept, we refer to as replicability. We define the replicability of a stock as the number of other stocks that have a correlation higher than 0.7 with it over the last

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Level Set – What Should Value Portfolio Managers Do in a Flat Market?

The S&P500 and the Nasdaq are both up more than 11% year-to-date, partly fueled by a growing belief that an anticipated economic correction may not occur. Typically, when economic expectations improve, value stocks do well. This year, however, value stocks have lagged the market by more than 5% (see below), up just over 4% in

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Five Charts Portfolio Managers Like the Most

Chart 1: Consumer Staples Have the Highest Company-Specific Risk We have a proprietary way of computing company-specific risk (CSR). We look at the beta, size, style, substance, liquidity, and momentum of every stock, and what is left over we call CSR. What might surprise some Portfolio Managers is that Consumer Staples are the most idiosyncratic

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We help them do this by impacting their conviction on single stocks and improving their risk management by analyzing Fundamental, Quantitative, and Macro variables to create practical investment advice.

In a addition to our research, clients can request custom work to bolster their own investment decisions, augment letters, and marketing materials, or use our unique and proprietary quantitative engine to improve their risk management.


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